Paige & Takashi        


          May19, 2006                        















The best 270+ photos from Paige & Takashi's wedding and the joint reception with Kate & Tucker are now online for your viewing pleasure.  To make it easier for you to sort through this pile of photos, they are arranged as follows:



Bride & Groom and Family & Friends (73 photos)

(everything of Paige & Takashi and the posed pictures with family and friends)




Ceremony (36 photos)




Wedding Dinner (24 photos)




Preparations (24 photos)




Kate & Tucker (11 photos)

(couldn't help but capture a few photos of the "other" wedding!)




Friends & Family (37photos)

(all those posed photos of the guests without the bride and groom)




Reception (53 photos)




Copp Road House & Grounds (15 photos)

(such a gorgeous setting for the weddings and reception!)




For reprints, contact Kevin McMahan by email

by fax at 501-312-7586, or by

phone at 501-312-7583.



Reprint Prices:



     4x6 =     $3 each


     5x7 =     $5 each


     8x10 =   $8 each


   11x14 = $12 each


   8-1/2x11 page of prints = $6 each (e.g, album pages; either you or Kevin pick the photos, Kevin does the arrangement))